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In the wisdom book of Proverbs, it challenges the reader to cherish wisdom and knowledge, but most importantly, put effort into understanding (Prov. 4:7).

Charles T. Walker of Kingdom Mind Ministries is the author of several books: Born The Son of God, The Rapture, God Deals with Personal Pride and Understanding The Number 42: Satan’s Dark Use of it. These books are an invaluable treasure and resource for time to come. Why not include one in your library today!

Born the Son of God

In Charles T. Walker’s book: Born The Son of God, he journeys the reader through the generational line of Jesus starting back with the matriarch Leah. Leah was the oldest daughter of Laban, though she was physically unattractive, her fertile womb born many sons to her husband Jacob. One of their sons, Judah, would lead the line to the royal birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. What is so significant and rich about this 30 page booklet, is that, though Jesus’ earthly generational line is of royalty, along the way individuals and Families were not perfect. God works in mysterious ways and yet maintains a clean slate in the character of his holiness, sovereignty and importantly remains true deity. Get your copy by writing Kingdom Mind Ministries.



In this simple 20 page booklet, The Rapture, Charles T. Walker, president, of Kingdom Mind Ministries writes about the Rapture using the analogy of a Jewish wedding. In Jesus Christ second coming he will appear without an official announcement to gather his church before the tribulation period. Just like when a couple is formally engaged, you know that the wedding will be planned and soon to come, therefore, keep anticipating and being ready because Jesus is soon to complete what he started in the church.