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Five Aspects of the Great Commission

Category: Christian Living / Speaker: Charles T. Walker
March 31, 2020

Listen to “Five Aspects of the Great Commission” on Spreaker. The cross is noted as a symbol of rejection and triumph. Our Lord calls his followers to remain compliant in the midst of troubles. Christians...

Understanding Plagues – Part 2

Category: Plague / Speaker: Charles T. Walker
March 27, 2020

Listen to “Why God Allows Suffering & Death, part II SERIES: Understanding Plagues” on Spreaker. Born into fallen creation automatically includes death. The remedy over permanent death is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. God the...

Understanding Plagues – Part 1

Category: Plague / Speaker: Charles T. Walker
March 23, 2020

Listen to “Series: Understanding Plagues, part I” on Spreaker. How do you explain the onset of pandemic outbreaks, incessant natural disasters, nations flaunting the use of their powerful weapons, and civil unrest around the world?...

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