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One of the most nasty and destructive ploys a person can carry out against another is the tactic of manipulating. Manipulation is a demonic tool that destroys cohesion, trust and sidelines true character. This ugly sin of darkness is rooted in deception and witchcraft, which is, disobedience masked in the perception of “good intentions”.

A good example, of this is the role Rebekah played in helping her son Jacob gain legal rights to the first born birthright. Although, scripture stated, “the elder shall serve the younger” (Gen. 25:23 KJV), and it looks like, this scripture, poses God as a user of this method. Not so! To understand this, one has to view it as prophecy. God foreknew into the future what was going to take place within this family and among these brothers. The choice of how it was carried out was in the ploys of Jacob and his mother Rebekah. Both of them had manipulating spirits or characters. Let’s look at Jacob. He asked, Esau when he was in a vulnerable moment, to give up his birthright. His mother Rebekah exploited her husband’s eye condition of glaucoma and aligning health, to help baby boy, Jacob to gain the birthright legal status. And, sorry to say, Esau was no better because he disvalued being the first born, in that, it meant to continue redeeming the family’s name and vision.

Without a doubt, the desired outcome of this sin, only, benefits the manipulator to gain access, reach personal goals, be empowered using assets that were once unavailable, and use of power. I like to call it character sins or as the Bible calls it “works of the flesh” (Gal. 5:19). Meaning, a person’s thinking and acting are still governed by Satan’s kingdom. It has nothing to do with the spirit of God. God is severely opposed to this form of witchcraft–a way of controlling an outcome through evil and wicked tactics. The Bible lists in Proverbs chapter 6, seven, ugly character sins that God hates and one of them is manipulation. In verse 18, ” a heart that devises wicked schemes” (Prov. 6:18 NIV).

Another illustration of this, I was sitting at my desk and the Lord gave me a vision of two people sitting in a meeting, as I was wondering what was going on, I heard an inner voice say ” a cunning spirit”. A couple of days went by and an organizational change had been made, the leader I saw sitting down talking with another person in the vision, was now, given leadership over an area. The Lord revealed to me, stealthy, the individual, stretch out an incident, purposely misinterpreted and exploited it, in order, to gain access into an area to push forth his program. Organizational politics not only destroys the integrity of the one who applies its ploys, but furthermore, it is offensive in the eyes of God. God will have manipulators make a recompense. They will pay triple for devious actions. The power of the kingdom of God is in Holiness and Righteousness.


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