Truth Hurts but Death Kills

The work relationship between Daniel and king Nebuchadnezzar was apparently a good one. Daniel displayed faithfulness to responsibilities by managing other officials, acting as ambassador and other state department business throughout the province of Babylon. He also showed he could be counted on in times of crisis. The crisis Daniel dealt with was not necessarily political in nature but it was more on a personal level with the king. Daniel helped the king in his personal matters. No matter how mighty, grand and influential our positions and responsibilities in life, there is, a side that the public does not get to see. Daniel’s council of wisdom to the king established him as a trusted adviser and friend.

A friend should be able to be very objective and truthful to another friend because of the strength of the long established relationship. There should not be a hesitation to point out when he is wrong, as well as, encouraging him when he is doing all the good possible. Truth hurts but death kills. If you love your friend deeply, you should utter the truth no matter the outcome.

Daniel was able to tell the king exactly what he needed to hear. Though, respectful, he pierced the king’s long standing blindside. He wasn’t doing right because he was big headed. The king was full of self-worth and anger that Daniel had to tell him. King, honestly, if it only was meant for a foe or national enemies, but it is YOU “standing in the need of prayer” (Dan 4:19). Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar’s trusted friend bluntly told him, you are the tree to be cut down (humbled). Daniel did not sugar coat it; he gave it to the king plainly. People will accept you more for being frank with them as opposed to “saving face”. Daniel’s honesty saved the king from eternal death because the king afterward realized that the Most High God is ALL sovereign.


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