A Path Unmistaken

Have you ever experienced a power outage during a storm? Hours has gone by without any restoration, and then, it becomes dark. No need going to your neighbors house because the whole area is affected. In your reservoir of emergency equipment, you pull out a couple of flashlights. Out of the three, only one has a functioning battery. Soon, the battery in the one working completely dies pushing you back into pitch darkness again. You stumble over objects and begin to rant words in pain. You’re irritated, confused and struggling to think of what to do. Should you take another step in the complete dark or just sit there.

Darkness is not pleasant nor comfortable because you are left without a clear sense of direction. Right now, you may be faced with an important decision. And you don’t want to screw it up. That decision may be to give the relationship another try. It may be selecting the right college to attend. For another, it is leaving a church that once was a vibrant part of your Christian growth, but now, the Spirit of God seem to be absent because of leadership sins and members instigating quarrels. It has become a place of faction instead of worship. However, dark the things you are experiencing or feeling. It can be overcome.

Let’s revisit the scripture, “Your Word is a lamp for my feet and a light to my path” Ps. 119:105 ASB. As you are experiencing the darkness of mental anguish, confusion about which direction to take and a clear purpose for taking it. In this verse, feet are not standing still; they are walking on the path in darkness, being led by God every step of the way, because of, the knowledge, of what God knows, that is best. A Word of council from God specifically tells you your purpose and direction for what he wants you, to act upon, to which, it will be totally different from the path others have taken or think you should take. For you, it becomes a personal, prophetic, Word of council. God’s personal Word to you clearly helps you overcome confusion (that is caused by the dark). In this scripture, God’s Word is not stationary, a one time utter. Unlike, the lamp stand you have in your home, God’s Word will move with you through out every tough area, decision and crossroad you come to in your life. His, is a portable lamp, a lantern carried about over your head by you, and it is, supplied by oil of the Spirit to keep it burning, so that, it sheds light on your every step. God will not give you a one time Word, but a Word in due season in life.

Come On! You’ve been in that place before, but this time, its harder than ever. Pick up the lantern of God and start walking through and out of darkness into the path of His steady light.


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