How To Bounce Back!

Have you ever stopped for a moment and thought that all your good was just not good enough? Maybe, in that moment you had everything together and under control and feeling you were “flying high,” then all of a sudden, one mishap led to a great disappointment. For some, that was wrecking your first car after the keys were placed in your hand. To another, it was ruining a perfect opportunity to get 10 extra points toward Promotion, but you failed to get that APFT score up. Or, personal problems weighed your emotions down resulting in you overeating due to stress. Furthermore, it pushed you beyond tape limits and now you’re on the ABCP with a flag.

One reminder, while we are not perfect, and at least, some point in life, you will experience a setback. To whatever degree of pain that has been for you, you can make a comeback. Failure is the thinking of the mind, but perseverance lay in the fibers of the heart. Don’t sulk in thinking about how you disappointed yourself. Begin with a new approach by making new steps at regaining your mental and physical leverage.


How you think is the first step at regaining your mental composure because it sets the goal and mood of any actions you will take. For example, if you think you’re fat, then you will eat unhealthy foods. See, any thought produces the energy of the action. If you focus on dieting, then your action maybe to only snack on healthy foods like an apple, water and fresh vegetables instead of candy bars and soda. Right thought gives energy to positive action.


To hold out and finish or get back up and start again comes with taking that extra step from the heart. The heart is were bouncing back from a travesty gains victory. You ever heard someone say, “put your heart into it?” Yes, I said your thought begins the energy of all action, but your heart gives life to the energy that comes from your thought. Look at it this way without your heart it cannot pump blood throughout your body to sustain life. Try again and give it your heart.


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