How To Remove A Hindering Spirit

Abraham was known as the Father of Faith. Though others had lived by faith in initiating the tasks God has asked of them. Moses a major personality in the Bible led people out of an area and into victory. It required faith. However, Abraham had faith that conquered territories even giant territories that were controlled by strong demonic forces that operated through pagan kings. King Kedorlaomer held dominance over a territory for twelve long years and even attempted to place a stronghold upon Abraham’s relative Lot. Blessings can be hindered or controlled by a territorial dark spiritual power. As Abraham migrated through life, he conquered regions and dispelled the hierarchy of demonic influences in those areas. Much like Jesus, when he went into the area of Gerasenes, he was met by demon spirits that operated through an individual. The unclean spirits said, “What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God?” (Mk. 1:7 NIV). Really, they enjoyed their territory of control in the man as unclean spirits of anger (madness), depression, borderline personality disorder and suicidal attempts. Secondly, they were saying “this is my territory get off of it!” With any unclean spirit of control, we must in the power of the Spirit say, “I smite and condemn your voice, your presence and command your hold to be released!” In the Name of Jesus!

Abraham’s faith when unleashed attacked demonic targets of control that operated through the pagan kings in the region as far as Damascus (Gen. 14:14). In faith, he penetrated allied pagan kings’ demonic strongholds to take back his family. To remove strongholds or hindering spirits in your life or operating over a territory where you live; you must attack it by prayer and fasting. Abraham went an extra step by calling his trained men to help. For you, that means calling up those who know how to get prayer through to Heaven. They are the prayer warriors and intercessors of the Faith.

Abraham is given more writing space in Hebrews chapter 11 than Moses. Thus, noting him as the Father of Faith. Think of it! The king of Persia in Daniel, that Gabriel the messenger angel, was held up by, was a demonic territorial spirit over that region. Today, that region is called Iran and that spirit power fought against Gabriel to hinder from giving the revelation of the vision to Daniel. Gabriel called the Arch Angel Michael to take his place for a moment so he could deliver the message to Daniel. Abraham’s faith fought kings in the natural that were empowered by spiritually dark influences. In the start of his faith journey, Abraham in chapter 14 of Genesis fought up against nine pagan kings. The tenth king was God himself represented through Melchizedek. Again, kings’ were empowered over territories and regions. In Abraham’s encounter with them; they represented the spirits of false religions over the region, and because of his faith in the true living God, Abraham subdued the territories bring Faith in the region. Abraham conquered the spiritual dark forces of the 9 kings and brought in the spirit of peace and worship of the one true God in the region. That true God was represented by King Melchizedek who said, “blessed be Abraham by God Most High” (Gen. 14:19). When a territory changes from chaos to peace, then you know, that the ruling unclean spirits have departed and the God of Heaven resides in place.


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