Prepare the Way

Prepare the Way

Preparing the way in your heart for change and renewal is not so much about your efforts; but it is, more of you yielding to Jesus’ power plan. Often through a Holy Spirit filled ministry or deliverance minister people get results from various addictions, family curses and pathologies. In order for the Holy Spirit to make the road straight in your spirit, life and personal journey with the Lord. Here are several things you must recognize and do.

  1. Face the truth that there is something wrong. Pride won’t let you see reality.
  2. Deny your sole ability to overcome or change. Your resistance is out the window.
  3. Speak about freedom and change. Talk with a spiritual deliverance ministry.
  4. Sit in an atmosphere of freedom and renewal. Separate and change your locations, people and negative thinking that often oppress and keep you bound as a victim.
  5. Fast and pray together with a Holy Spirit led deliverance ministry group.

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