The Number 42 – Part 1 of SERIES: Understanding the Number 42

The spirit of opposition is a Satanically driven force against the Saints of God. This opposing force works against personal income, world persecution and depression. Today, KMM exposes the number 42 evils that drives your struggles. This counterfeit spirit behind the number 42 is meant to test the virtues of the Saints of God by reversing the good in situations to negative. Today, KMM teaches from the words 42 months, from Job chapter 42, Psalms chapter 42 and Genesis 42.


Bible Prophecy Teacher, Charles T. Walker illuminates the Word of God by revelation and the prophetic word. Timely teachings that will touch your heart and bring relief to your deepest struggles through the light of a sure Word of prophetic teaching, counsel, wisdom and a break through by the anointing of God.

Charles Walker has been in licensed ministry 25 years and ordained 18 years within that time. He is not new to operating in the gifts of discerning of the spirits, revelation, interpreting visions and dreams, word of knowledge and wisdom. Full of the Holy Spirit and the grace of God’s favor he is a sought after speaker and conference bible teacher. Intercessory prayer is one of his main power gifts.

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